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Brown Girl in The Ring

Brown Girl in the Ring

After what seemed like several years of pregnancy, Holly Pheby, wife of Steve Brown and original Brownsound groupie, finally gave birth to a baby girl on 8th March at 10.58p.m.

Although the pregnancy lasted for ages, the birth itself was relatively short. So short in fact that Pheby, a well-known advocate of painkilling drugs, did not have time to take any and had to have the baby in the "traditional" manner i.e. in absolute agony.

Father Steve Brown was present at the birth and managed to remain conscious throughout, even cutting the umbilical chord at the end. "I'm glad it didn't last any longer than it did", he was reported as saying afterwards.

The couple have named the baby Constance Catherine Brown, or Connie for short. Brown joked that they had named her after the Constant Pain that Holly kept describing during labour. But the two names actually come from the couple's two maternal grandmothers.

Now that she has a daughter, proud Mum Pheby is relishing the opportunity to inject more of a feminine touch into the household. Being born on International Women's Day could also have an influence on Connie's development as a future feminist.

Other Brown offspring Jools, 2, seems to be settling in to his new role as big brother quite happily, helping out with nappy changes and bathtimes, and generally keeping the noise down when asked.

The family are expected to do a tour of the country in the near future to show the baby off to friends and family, but that all depends on how much sleep they get in the next few months.

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