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Darius Strop Delays Ashton & Brown TV Debut

Hissy Fit
A diva-style hissy fit by one-time Pop Idol contender Darius Danesh has meant that the long-awaited TV performance by Steve Brown and Robin Ashton has had to be delayed by one week, the Vic can reveal.

Darius was due to guest on Tam Cowan's "Offside" programme on the same night as Ashton and Brown, but sources close to BBC Scotland have claimed that the Popstars and Pop Idol loser was unhappy about performing when there was another musical act on the show as well.

The lanky twat's outburst has provoked accusations from unnamed sources that he was worried about being upstaged by the Brownsound duo, whose performance had already been scheduled for Monday 22nd November.

Pissed About
"I don't like to piss them about", said a member of BBC Scotland's Comedy Unit of Ashton and Brown, "but Darius wanted to sing as well and he wouldn't go on unless we let him." This is very different from their approach to Ashton and Brown, who are being invited on the show BECAUSE of their song.

The spat between the two is particularly ironic as Steve Brown once wrote a song about what it's like to win Pop Idol, which is something Darius will never be able to do.

New Date
Ashton and Brown, who call themselves The Allotment, will now be on Offside on BBC Scotland at 10.35 p.m. on Monday 29th November.

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