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Steve Brown

On leaving Budapest, Steve Brown travelled to Johannesburg, South Africa, to take up a sensible job in an English Language School. Joined by his long-term girlfriend Holly Pheby, and shortly after that by a dog, it seemed on the surface that Brown had found the domestic bliss that had been missing from his younger life, as his lyrics demonstrate. A well-paid job with responsibilities, a car and a nice house seemed to give him the focus he needed to stay happy.

However, Brown clearly missed the success and fame he had achieved with the Steve Brown Sound, and started moping about the house and arguing with the dog. Before long, like so many deflated rock stars before him, he grew a beard.

It soon became apparent that Brown's musical career could never be revived in South Africa; musical styles and tastes were different, and all the musicians he came into contact with were miles better than him. In August 2001 Brown came back to the UK with the intention of settling in his native Scotland. At the Zeronis-Harrison wedding (also attended by Neil Anderson and Nick Dwyer) Brown was in buoyant mood, positive about his return to the UK and his prospects there.

Although he has not given any public performances, Steve Brown has written a number of new songs and is currently trying to get them recorded. There is a possibility that a new album will be released before the end of 2002.

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