The Steve Brown Sound
The Songs

Steve has written some classic tunes in his time. The lyrics to the best of the oldies plus a few newies are right here:

  • Berti's Gone
  • Digging a Hole
  • I Don't Know What
  • Night Out,In
  • Obviously Elvis
  • Polythene Bag
  • Pop Idol
  • Say My Name
  • Sometimes I Think
  • The Sensitive Male

    The Album - Starting From Now - mp3

  • Obviously Elvis
  • Polythene Bag
  • I Don't KNow What
  • Gloria
  • Lacky Lady
  • Pop Idol
  • Say My Name

    Listen to these live versions. Download the mp3's if you have a while or stream it if you have Windows Media:

    Pop Idol - Video Clips Clip 1(avi)3.7mb
    Pop Idol - Video Clips Clip 2(avi)3.7mb
    Pop Idol - OUR NEW SINGLE mp3 - 3.8mb windows media
    We are the sBs mp3 - 79k windows media
    Obviously a fan mp3 - 65k windows media
    Dobbythumping mp3 - 1.4mb windows media
    Gloria mp3 - 3.1mb windows media

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