The Steve Brown Sound
Nick Dwyer

After the dizzy heights of the SBS at its peak, Beardy was a little unsettled when the former band members went their separate ways. Desperate to keep the dream alive he was known to take his drum along to Budapest flats and bang away like an Arab possessed, and pissed. This was not enough though, and it wasn't long until he and Neil found a sickeningly talented musician who was willing to give up his time and flat to the next chapter of The Sound.

The Reduced Brown Sound

This offshoot of the original line-up consisted of Chris Van Damme (no relation, so he swears), Neil and Nick. Chris, a semi-professional "cymbalom" player, a marvellous pianist, and an excellent guitarist struggled to learn the SBS tunes, and did so admirably. He also did lots of finger-picking and twiddly bits. Nick and Neil invited Chris to perform with them for what they then thought would be the last ever semblance of the SBS. This occurred at the end of the night of a teachers' Christmas party in the posh room of the famous Grease, and although it got everybody singing "Obviously Elvis" and screaming for Chumba Wumba, it just wasn't the same.

Ali the Turk

Nick decided to take his drumming a step further and went to live in Istanbul. Once there, he found a professional drummer willing to sit with him for an hour a week, drink a lot of tea, and give some tuition. This wonderful opportunity was impeded somewhat by Nick's inability to understand any of Ali's Turkish, and Ali's lack of English. However, Nick now knows the difference between a darbouka and a djemba and can count a 7/8 Black Sea rhythm. But his drumming seems much the same.

Return to UK

He has recently returned to England, and is living in Brighton still teaching EFL. After the brief stint with the reputable British Council in Istanbul he is now in a scuzzy FE college in Sussex.

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