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Marv Trickey

On leaving Budapest, Trickey travelled to London where he hoped to find an exotic bohemian lifestyle hanging out with the rich and famous. His notoriety from The Sound must surely hold him in good stead? Sadly it was not to be, but in his desperate search to be part of something he jumped on the dot com band wagon to seek his fortune on the interweb.

Boom and Bust

This too was to be a short lived dream and as the net went belly up, he decided that the lifestyle he was living, the life of international rock star, was out-dated, unfashionable and most importantly imaginary. It was time to settle down.

Getting on the ladder

He and his long suffering girlfriend bought a flat in the unfashionable end of town, inaccurately named by estate agents, the Harringay Hills. There he took up Gardening, DIY and Tai Chi. He built a shed and sat in it, painted the bedroom and slept in it and tried the prancing stalk and jacked it in.

Aunty's Bloomers

The ultimate move towards the establishment was when Trickey took a job with the BBC. He quickly took to producing dumbed-down, high-brow, patronising websites, that while being both out of touch with the nation, were also financed by it. It was a travesty of a job but the lunches were good.

A new entry this week

Trickey has made on recent stab to go back to his musical roots by joining another band, Monkey Chops, unfortunately only one practice was organised before everyone in the band realised that it just wasn't going to work. Trickey could not dance in time and his voice was unsuitable for the raft of Westlife covers. He is getting married to Naomi this October.

Where are the rest?
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