The Steve Brown Sound
History of The Sound

The Early days

The original line-up of the Steve Brown Sound consisted of Steve Brown on guitar, vocals and occasional harmonica, Neil Anderson on guitar and vocals, and Luke Harvey on drums. Harvey didn't actually have any drums, nor would he have been able to play them if he did, but the band was undaunted by this. They proceeded to make a name for themselves by turning up at parties, waiting until everyone was drunk and then surprising them by playing popular tunes as loudly as possible. From this early stage, audience participation was a key element of SBS performances, with pots, spoons and other household equipment being used by everyone who felt like it to accompany the band. Contrary to popular belief, the name of the band was thought up not by Steve Brown, but by the other band members and their friends one Sunday afternoon in Anderson's flat. It has even been suggested that Brown changed his name to Steve Brown in order to give the impression that he was the leader of the band. If this is true, his original identity is unknown.

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